More Than Accountancy.

We do good accountancy.  That should be a given for any qualified, professional accountancy firm.  For some people, that is enough.  But people always love getting more.  They haven't yet experienced the service of a 'value-added' accountant, or possibly even know what that means.  Here are some pointers:


  • Business plan preparation
  • Performance management
  • Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indicators & key trading data summarised each (year / 6 months / quarter / month)
  • Business valuations


Some firms will help you meet all of your minimum legal requirements.  You may think that will help you get by, but these accountants cost you money.


Morrisons on the other hand aim to save you money.  


By providing important business advice and other value-added advice along with your accounts and tax services, we can help you reduce costs, increase selling prices, generate more business, and take proactive measures to legally reduce your tax bill.


We aim for 'More Than Accountancy' at Morrisons.  For example, when you receive your year end accounts imagine if you could also:


- Have a meeting to sit down and discuss your aspirations, your goals, and whether the business has helped you attain them;


- Your accounts are prepared with as much analysis and detail as possible, allowing you to see how profitable different areas of your business are;

- Be told about the importance of systems and financial controls within a growing business, and have suggestions for what you should do to implement these - very crucial if you're going to take on staff, or sell up, one day;

- Be offered management accounts on a regular basis with quarterly summaries and review meetings;

- and think, has your existing accountant mentioned what your businesses' KPIs are?

In fact... has your current accountant told you what a KPI is?!


Maybe it's time for us to have a chat.

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Call us on 0141 633 1901 to arrange a free consultation meeting.  We can have a discussion about you, your business, your requirements, and what we have to offer.


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